Simian Lines


Basically, a simian line is when the head and heart lines merge. A simian line occurs when the water(heart) and air(head) lines fuse and join, to become one transverse line only across the palm.Our water lines relate to what we feel, and our air lines, to what we think.

It can work well to owner’s advantage, or well against it.

                     What does simian line mean?

  • People with simian lines can really get into what they are doing, they involve their heart in matters of the head, so can really put passion into whatever they do. However, it can also mean that if they are not really into something with their heart, it can be harder to wrap their head in it, e.g, get bored of school or work and such easy if they aren’t passionate about it.
  • These people tend to be really smart because they can see the world in a different way than other people. However they are also more likely to go the way of mental disorders, like depression, bipolar disorder and whatnot.
  • People with simian lines know how to get what they want, and when they know what that is will stop at nothing to get it, and have such a strong driving source. However, if the want isn’t there, the drive is nil. They can also get quite moody, especially when their needs aren’t met.
  • Such person will exhibit great power of concentration, and if they concentrate their mind on any purpose or on any subject, they will engage themself in it wholeheartedly.
  • In fact this wholehearted engaging makes the person terribly head-strong and self-willed in all he does. He has little fear in any sense and this makes him a dangerous lover or husband to trifle with, because he will stop at nothing if once his blood is roused.
  • This person is literally dangerous to himself. He rushes blindly into the danger and usually meets with terrible accidents and injuries and very often suffer a violent death.
  • Because of the entanglement between the two functions of emotion and thought, owners ‘feel what they think’ and ‘think what they feel’. So the bearer does not easily know what they are thinking or feeling.
  • Their thoughts are invested with emotional intensity. They may respond inappropriately by becoming overly
    emotional in a relatively practical matter, and/or the opposite i.e. they become detached in situations which call for an emotional response.
  • Tend to be emotionally and psychologically closed, serious minded or even repressed. They might experience social awkwardness, difficulty relating, or shyness, to the point of their becoming solitary.
  • They run their relationships like a business’, with possessiveness, devotion, fierce protectiveness and a fixed criteria of both giving and expecting loyalty.
  • They have deep long-lasting effect for Wounds infliction, these folks don’t easily let go of negative feelings if they are betrayed.
  • They have trend in them to having either religious or anti-religious dogmatism or even fanaticism.
  • In old palmistry, the mental and emotional intensity of simian line owners is said to show the tendency in them toward uncontrolled, even murderous rage, where rationality is overpowered by emotion.
  • If the Simian Line is found on the right hand only, physical desires can get out of control.
  • It is a bit difficult  to manipulate him as his beliefs are strong and hence he will stick to his guns.
  • They can be unpredictable. They find it hard to form deep relationships with others. They do not care for social
    niceties and popularity medals. They are loyal and expect loyalty in return. These people are survivors in the original sense.

Some Interesting research fact and figures

  • About 65-70% of people suffering from Down Syndrome (21 chromosome disorder) are having simian line. Also on people with certain other chromosome disorders have simian line in common.
  • Simian line was more common on people who had committed crimes of passion as opposed to premeditated crimes. Many serial killers and sociopaths have simian lines on both hands.

Famous Personalities having simian line

  • Robert DeNiro (american actor)
  • Tony Blair(British PM)
  • Hillary Clinton(American Politician)





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